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Academic Support Services

The College of Business and Analytics Academic Success Center, located in Rehn Hall, Room 10, gives business students tutoring assistance and support with some of their more challenging courses.

The Center opened in fall 2009, and has seen great success since its inception.

The tutors are typically focused on more quantitative courses in Math or Finance, but students can go to Rehn 10 and get help with any course as well as use it as a place to study.

Student Success Collaborative

SSC Campus

SSC Campus is a platform integrating both Education Advisory Board’s Student Success Collaborative (SSC) and GradesFirst functionality. SSC Campus combines technology, research, case management, and predictive analytics to help instructions positively inflect degree completion outcomes for students around a model that includes triage, assessment, and intervention.

Rehn 10


Looking for a little extra help with your business or math courses? We've got the tutor for you! Check out our Tutoring Schedule.

The Tutoring Center is located in the basement of Rehn Hall, Room 010. Contact us at 618/536-2149 or