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Admitted Students

New Freshman: Steps to Register

We're very excited for you to become a business major and we would like to help you get started – first with class registration for fall! You may schedule a phone advisement appointment, even before you attend a New Student Orientation day.

First Step: Complete the Business Student Handbook Orientation
  • Complete the online handbook orientation as soon as you can. The handbook is your guide to academic advisement for the College of Business. Don't worry - it's fairly brief - it usually takes 15 minutes or so!
Step Two: Complete the Online Math Placement Test

All new students are required to take this test. During your advisement appointment, your advisor can discuss your placement scores and which math course(s) you qualify to enroll.

Step Three: Outline the courses you would like to take your first semester to prepare for your advisement appointment
  • Outline the courses you would like to take your first semester to prepare for your advisement appointment.
  • Review the course requirements for your major before you talk with an advisor.

Take a look at the curriculum for your major: Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing. If you are Undecided in Business, feel free to look at any of the majors. The first semester is fairly similar in all of them.

On the curriculum guide you will see UCC or "University Core Curriculum" classes, which are your general education classes. They are categorized by group/type of course (e.g. science, humanities, fine arts) rather than particular classes with course numbers. You are able to select which UCC courses you want to take by reviewing the CoB UCC course guide. You can read about the classes, and what each course entails, by searching the SIU Undergraduate College Catalog.

We realize that many students have already earned college credits. If you have taken college level course work, please make sure that you tell your advisor! You should have a copy of your college transcript, with course numbers available. This way, it will help ensure that you will not take a class for which you already have the credit!

Step Four
  • Call us at 618|536-4431 or email us at with your name, DawgTag, and preferred date/time of your appointment. Appointments will take about 30 minutes. Make sure to let us know that you are a New Student for the Fall!

Student Resources

We are very excited to have you as a student in the College of Business. We have provided links to some additional resources for you below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, just let us know. We are here to help you with whatever academic needs you have.

Additional Resources