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Programs & Organizations

Drive for Diversity

The Drive For Diversity for the College of Business helps to generate funding necessary to support the mission of the Office of Minority Programs. Students, faculty and staff members of diversity in the College of Business include African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and females.

The College of Business at SIU is dedicated to prepare our students for success in the global marketplace. The College will continue to cultivate an environment of diversity, collegiality, openness, commitment, and a sense of shared vision among its students, faculty, staff, alumni, partners, and friends.

Mentoring Program

The mission of College of Business Minority Mentorship Program is to assist minority freshmen and transfer students with ongoing orientation and acclimation. Additionally, its mission is to assist minority students with making a successful, cognitive and social transition from high school or community college to the College of Business, SIU, and Southern Illinois conducive to the successful completion of their degrees.

The College of Business Minority Mentorship Program assists minority students with developing and improving professional and social relationships. It also assists students with identifying pathways and learning survival skills essential to achievement, retention, and graduation.